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This software has both Demo & Paid versions. So everyone can try and use it!


It has a friendly user interface with advanced features.


Saves alot of time you spent making
the sketch of the tattoo before.
Tattoo Pro Software

Description and Features:

At the price of one little tattoo, you will have a COMPLETE and unique software for preventing failure.
To ensure our software runs perfectly on your PC, please download, run and test the demo first.

Also, please add your awesome artwork to our gallery.

TATTOO PRO SOFTWARE V1.0 is a standalone new software for creating custom, cool tribal /primitive/ tattoos, black with shadows
and multi-colored flash designs from your own image or true color picture.
In tribal mode, all colors are solid and without shadows for easy tattooing.

Do you want to have your girlfriend, boyfriend or your child tattooed onto your body permanently?
Did you find an awesome must-have image or design and can't find a very talented artist to transfer it in an appropriate
way onto your body?
Are you a professional tattoo artist and want to have unique designs for your costumers?
Do you prefer to have really unique artwork on your body?
Are you a very talented designer and want to make extra money by offering and selling unique and cool tattoo designs that
are created in minutes?
Are you a new tattoo artist and still not very experienced, but you want to create cool tribal tattoos and flash designs
with ease?
Are you not familiar with the most popular image processing software, or do you lose hours and days manipulating every
Do you want to copy or open an cool image and, with some little adjustments, transfer it to a desired size and outline it
onto your tattoo stencils or to print modern, temporary transfer tattoos?
Are you a very new tattoo artist and don't have any idea how to produce all necessary ink colors?

If any response to the above questions YES, you are on the right track.


What do you need?
- One quality, clear and contrasting image in a medium size is always fine. You can use a ready-to-use tattoo design, also.
- Our standalone program.
- One printer installed. This will adjust your final image automatically to the proper size with the proper resolution so
that all details will be transferred.
Please install and use a virtual printer until you have some experience.
Download and install a virtual printer. Click HERE for our recommended programs.
This will prevent you from losing time, paper, ink and money in the beginning.

In the real work, you can use a cheap dot matrix printer with the ability to print graphics.
Dot matrix printers, like any impact printer, can print on multi-part stationery or make carbon copies.
Hectograph paper is used to create stencils or tattoo transfers by hand or using a dot matrix printer.

How does it work?
- Open a true color picture and remove all unwanted objects or create your design in your favorite image editor.
- Open or copy and paste in our program.
- Choose between one color tribal and multicolor task.
- Select your printer preferences.
- Adjust your final output size and resolution.
- Enhance your image to remove little defects if necessary.
- Move the sliders until you find the best representation of your image.
- Select your printing options.
- Print your design onto transferring media. Usually, you must print only the flipped outlined channel.
- Print the result or save the project to see where the inks must be applied.

After printing:
- Prepare all the inks if you use a multicolor task by mixing only 8 primary colors: red, yellow, green, cyan, blue,
magenta, black and white. You don't need to buy a lot of inks, only 8 inks for all colors forever. No experience for color
mixing is required.
- Transfer the outlined channel onto the skin.

- Fill the color regions with inks like a coloring page for kids.

That's all!

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